Football programme


 We have a registered u19s football team that currently play in the Saturday Lusaka Zambian (F.A.Z.) League. We run football sessions four days a week with the following teams play fixtures and tournaments on weekends: 

· U10s boys/girls

· U12 boys

· U14s boys/ girls 

· U16s boys/girls 

· U19s boys 

Back-2-School Programme


 Our school programme offers young people an opportunity to get back into education and develop both their academic and life skills. Donations are made via sponsors who want to support young people through education. Our school sponsorship programme is linked with the Mahamta Ghandi School based in Mtendere. Sponsors commit to a minimum of a two years, to create sustainability for the student in education.

HIV Testing


Throughout the recent years, as a foundation we have tested for HIV through different tournaments we put on in the compound of Mtendere. We have a partnership with Latkins Outreach Programme who support us with our testing of young people. 


Mentoring programme


Our mentoring programme offers support to young people through both education and football. Our mentoring programme works closely with the young person and their family to support them within education. Through our programme we offer them a variety of opportunities to explore new adventures, outside of their normal surroundings. Our mentoring programme is guided all through the power of football and relies upon, respect, commitment and passion. 

Young Leader Programme


 Our young leader programme offers young people aged 16-21 to support us in delivery of workshops we carry out in primary/secondary schools. 

FREE Football Programmes


We offer FREE football sessions both 1 to 1 and group session in the West London area. A lot of people promise young people dreams in football that nobody can keep. So we offer a football experience which develops young people’s footballing ability but also develop them as young people. We will support all young people to play the best level they can. This can range from Sunday league, semi- professional, academies or even professional clubs.